Point Park at Lookout mountain


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Point Park

Point Park Rd
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350

Point Park is a ten acre memorial park that overlooks the Lookout Mountain Battlefield and the city of Chattanooga. There is a paved walking path around the park that takes visitors by several historic tablets, monuments. Confederate artillery positions, and scenic overlook. The largest monuments in Point Park is the New York Peace Memorial, which was erected by the state of New York as a tribute to peace and reconciliation between Union and Confederate veterans after the war. Inside Point Park, at the point of the mountain, is the Ochs Memorial Observatory. Inside are exhibits on Civil War signaling, photography, and Moccasin Bend, which is visible below the point. Admission to Point Park is $7 per adult aged 16 and over. Just outside of the park is a visitor center with exhibits on the Civil War campaign for Chattanooga, including a large painting “The Battle Above the Clouds.”